2 Manual 12 Rank Wurlitzer previously owned by TOSA(SA)

formerly in Wyatt Hall, Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide.

2/12 console large

2/12 Wurlitzer console in Wyatt Hall.

The console is now in the Capri Theatre as a second active console tp the Capriís 29 ranks,

12 of which can be operated from this console.


All photographs on this page by John Thiele

Above. Wyatt Hall, Pulteney Grammar School, the former home of the 2/12 Wurlitzer from 1970 to 2004.

TOSA (SA) purchased it in 1968 and removed it from the Plaza. The opening concert in Wyatt Hall was December 1970. The pipe ranks were sold in 2015

The original home of the 2/12 was the Sydney Regent where it was installed as† a 2/8 (above left) , then it was moved to the Plaza Theatre in Melbourne and installed with an extra four ranks (above right).


SOUNDS from the former 2/12 WURLITZER

The following sound samples (mp3s) are from the CD ďOn the AirĒ Tracks were recorded in Wyatt Hall.

One Morning in May (Tony Fenelon) 354KB mp3


Crazy Rhythm (John Atwell) 330KB mp3

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