Theatre Organs

This installation is unique for a theatre, combining the mystery of hidden pipes behind curtains and the fascination of fully visible pipes behind glass, when the curtains are retracted.

Capri Theatre Auditorium

With 782 seats, the Capri Theatre is an ideal venue for the exhibition of movies and also as a venue for theatre organ concerts. The two glass fronted organ chambers can be seen each side of the stage.

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Of the present 29 ranks of pipes, the Wurlitzer company has the largest representation with 13 ranks, followed by Trivo 5, Christie 3 and others from Morton, Stephens, Dodd, Meyer and Wangerin.


To listen to a sample of the Capri organ sound

†(mp3 file, with Ken Double at the console), click the speaker icon.†


Pipe work inside one of the chambers.

Chamber pipes Capri

Capri Organ Console and Main Chamber

consol,  piano, M chamber

Behind the glass fronted chambers are found most of the 29 ranks of pipes, which are illuminated by coloured lights. Percussions and traps are mounted outside the chambers for visual effect.

Computer Control Centre

Since its opening concert in 1983, the Capri organ has had an electronic switching and multiplexing system. In 1989 this was upgraded to a U.S. designed computerized Devtronix System.† In September 2001 there has been a further upgrade to a Uniflex 2000 System.

Computer control - organ

Console of Capri Theatre Pipe Organ

4/29 console, button

The Capri Theatre organ console was originally the slave console of the twin consoled 4/21 Wurlitzer which was installed in the Melbourne State Theatre in 1929. The console is housed under stage and ascends on a lift, for organ presentations.


Console image & pipe specifications† -† click the button at left for a larger image plus the pipe specifications.


Stop Tab layout† -† for a diagram CLICK HERE

Click button to see a larger image.

Capri Theatre Pipe Organ installation

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